Our Solution


fully automated solution for delegated regulatory reporting under EMIR and SFTR

WHAT is ReportX

Flexibility and Adaptability

We designed our system to be able to accept any machine-readable file formats

Data Validation and Transformation

We use advanced multilevel and multisource data validations and enrichment mechanisms                                 

Full-lifecycle report processing

We transmit your data to a designated Trade Repository and warrant subsequent two-way communication

Highest Security of Data

We provide flexible and secure cloud computing infrastructure, with reliable data storage that allows long-term backup and archive

Cost Effective Solution

We offer tiered pricing with max cap and no hidden fees

Effortless Onboarding

We assist you in an effortless and time saving onboarding procedure, so that you can focus on your core business

About the System

The ReportX System is an adaptive, cloud-based platform that ensures seamless processing of high data volumes providing an advanced technological, secure and cost-effective solution to brokers, banks, asset managers, hedge funds, corporates and other entities with respect to their regulatory reporting obligations. It provides an everyday toolkit to fulfil the daily operational tasks in every stage of the compliance process by covering the complete report lifecycle processing including the necessary TR communication message exchange and transformation.

The System is specifically designed to guarantee a high level of reporting accuracy and effectiveness with the use of advanced multilevel and multisource data validations and enrichment mechanisms.

The System is designed to work under a flexible NoSQL data model and provides quick and seamless adaptation to the requirements of the changing regulatory and business landscape, by allowing combination of data from multiple sources, which does not require time consuming updates to the existing data in the system. The applied system architecture guarantees constant speed of the data processing in the entry point and immediate result fit for big data processing.

File Upload

  • facilitates automated and manual file upload;
  • accepts any machine-readable file formats;
  • performs initial multilevel verification of each file;
  • prevents from re-provisioning of data.

Step 1.
File upload

Step 2.


  • persists the data according to predefined user tailored mapping scheme;
  • applies all ESMA required structural, content-based, logical and external source validations;
  • performs additional custom checks to ensure the historical consistency of the reported data;
  • maintains complete log for all discrepancies and errors.


  • Transforms and structures the data according to ESMA’s requirements into an .xml file format;
  • pre-validates the transformed file according to ESMA’s .xsd schemas;
  • saves the transformed file In the System’s DB for no less than 5 years.

Step 3.

Step 4.
Submission to TR

Submission to TR

  • transmits the validated and transformed reporting data to a designated SFTR Trade Repository;
  • acts as a recipient for all communication with TRs with respect to the reported SFTs;
  • maintains records and sends notifications to the Client for all received TR message and /or request;
  • transforms and translates all TR messages into human readable text format.
User management and analytics dashboard

The System provides user base management functionality with predefined but adjustable user roles, entitlements and multilevel restrictions which ensures flexible system for regulatory oversight.

The Front-end analytics dashboard is used to monitor reporting status and audit-trail of past reports and provide pure transparency of all submitted reports and regulatory messages.